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Our originally designed Acoustic Instruments.

Latin Instruments
930 Tambourine 10" Headless
931 Tambourine 10" Plastic Head
932 Maracas Medium Size
933 Maracas larger Size
936 Guiro w/Wooden Mallet

412 Slapstick Hard U.S. Maple
935 Claves Beautifully polished hardwood.
16B Castanet Instrument Stand model
17A Castanet Instrument Table model
17B Triangle instrument Table model
17C Finger Cymbal Instrument
925 Hand Castanets

Two pai per set with red nylon cord.
201 Wood Block Holder
Clamps to any stand or rod.
927 Single Pair Castanets
Mounted on wood handle.
928 Double Pair Castanets

Wood Blocks
411 Hard Maple Wood Block
Beautiful finish and tone with holes to accomodate
holders 61/2" lenght. 411A 71/2" lenghth.

201 Wood Block Holder
Clamps to any stand or rod.
201A Wood Block Holder
Designed to fit hi hat, any rod up to 3/8". Solid aluminum block.
201B Wood Block Holder
Adjustable for percussion racks.
Percussion Rack
20A Quad Rack
Versatile steel percussion rack.
525 Chime Bar Holder
Improved model clamps to all stands.
1021 Plastic Brushes
U.S. made, best quality, retractable.
915-917 Cowbell

Fine quality, black finish.

941D Chime Bar

Genuine brass tubing creating a delicate pitched sound.
943 Damper Bar
Felt padded. Easily attachable.
404 - 410 Triangles

All triangles made from high quality alloy steel. Chrome plated with loop holder and mallet included. 404 4", 405 5", 406 6" 408 8" 410 10".
506 Triangle Mallet Set
Three sizes. Chrome steel with rubber handles.
20B Triangle Holder
Connects to any stand.
17B Triangle Instrument
Base 6"x8" walnut grain wood.
527 Spring Clamp
Holds triangle for hand held or clamps to stand.
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