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All of our Hardware is crafted in the USA.


Cymbal and Hi Hat Accessories
309 Cymbal Holder
Clamps on stands.
311 Cymbal Stand

Similar to 60s style by Camco & Slingerland. Manufactured 100% by Danmar.
940 Upper Tube
With tilter for cybal stands 1/2" diameter, 18" long.
940A Upper Tube
Same as 940 with 5/8" diameter.
508 Hi Hat Brace
For double kick setup.
1029 Cymbal Holder
For concert bass drum.
530 Flat Metal Washer
For hi hat bottom felt 2" diameter.
514 Curved Metal Washer (Chrome)
For cymbal stands.
502 Hi Hat Clutch
Adapts to all stands.
520 Black Rubber Tip
For round spurs, tom legs.
937 Cymbal Holder
Clamps on bass drum rim, 18" hieght adjustable.
521 Black Rubber Tip
Larger size.
521A Black Rubber Tip
For drum throne and cymbal stands.
512B Small Felt Washer
For hi hat clutch.
512 Felt Washer
For cymbal tilter.
512A Large Felt Washer
For hi hat bottom cymbal.
513 Black Rubber Sleeve
For cymbal tilter.
926 Hard Plastic Cymbal
Tilter Sleeves

926L Large Plastic Cymbal Sleeves

Adapts to all stands.

Temple Block Bar & Accessories
918 Temple Block Bar

Also for use with other percussion instrumnets.
919 Individual Temple
Block Holder

308 Tambourine Holder

Mounts tambourine on hi hat rod.
507 Drum Bumper
Plastic covered chrome steel for snare and toms.
922 Drum Key
526 Speed Key
519 Felt Bass Drum Muffler Strip
516 Leather Pedal Strap
921 Black Nylon Pedal Strap
511 Wing Screw U.S. Thread
511A Wing Screw Metric Thread
515 Wingnut, Large, U.S. Thread
515L Wingnut, Extra Large 21/2"

Bolt and washer included.
515M Wingnut, Large Metric Thread
517 Foot Pedal Spring
523 Tension Rod for Snare & Toms
529 Tension Rod Washers
1025 Tom Tom Legs

Set of three.
315 Bongo Bracket
Mounts bongos on cymbal stand.
929 Wood Block Holder
Clamps on bass drum rim. Adjustable arms.
920 External Bass Drum Muffler

Cowbells and Accessories
522 Snare Cord

Best quality 11" length.
500 U-Clamp
With 1/4" - 20 wing screws.
916 6" Black Steel Cowbell
915 41/2" Black Steel Cowbell
917 Black Steel Cowbell
310 Cowbell Holder

Clamps firmly to bass drum rim with 6" post.
310A Cowbell Holder
Clamps firmly to bass drum rim with 12" post.
924 Combination Cowbell and Wooddblock Holder
Clamps to bass drum rim. Adjustable to hold various sized woodblocks or cowbells.
510 Cowbell Holder
For feild drum, timbale and toms.
307 Cowbell Holder
Clamps firmly to any stand 5" post.
307A Cowbell Holder
Clamps firmly to any stand 12" post.







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